Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Watch AND CHAT with others watching the DNC Convention LIVE!

Also find the full thing here: http://www.mogulus.com/demconventionlive

Go PUMA! C'mon Hillary.......... C'mon....... Lets keep our fingers crossed, Otherwise... NO DEAL!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

PUMA/No Deal-Goals and Organization

Ever since Hillary gave her suspension speech I have noticed an outcry by die hard Hillary supporters through out our community for better organization and mission statement from what has become our leaders of representation... aka the PUMA/No Deal coalition... that seems at least on the surface to have gone ignored by those powers that be who again seem at least on the surface to have taken a more "neutral" and "settle for second best and save face" stance.

Its my humble opimion, and I dont think Im the only one who feels this way, but its not enough to take the passive route playing it safe and saying that were a coalition of millions who have many different objectives, but one common "anti" objective... NOBAMA!

Might as well say were millions of chickens with our heads cut off scattered all about and thus not to put too much stock in because even though there are strength in numbers, we, for all our millions and all our organization cant seem to come together in a show of our real strength and power by taking an absolute stand for what is right.

We need more "pro" objectives... Things we DO support like fair and unbiased media coverage in elections, democracy being upheld in our elections, positive character and proper qualifications in our politicians ect.

Here is something interesting...

In a forum post I asked the question...

How many people are still for Hillary for president in '08??

If not then why???? If so, then what do you think could be done to assure that happens and what do you see as not being done that should or could be done???
Here are some excerpts and postings from the replies.

WolfmanJack: I prefer Hillary, but I can live with McCain. No way in hell will I ever vote for Obama.

Then there are those that are still holding out for Hillary. Those are the optimists. I hope they are right. I really do. God, I hope they are right. But if not, I can live with McCain.

NWinGA: I will support Hillary ONLY if she is the TOP of the ticket. I love her, but she should NEVER play second fiddle to [obama]

but we should all realize that obama is trying to CEMENT his Presumptive nomination by taking all these in-your-face trips , trying to make it harder for the DNC/superdelegates to reject him. And some will just follow-the-crowd to keep the peace. The DNC has screwed themselves very well this year, I hope they are feeling the satisfaction they deserve!

preboomer: I am absolutely still hopeful that we can nominate and elect Sen. Clinton.

Enough super d's have to come to their senses to do the right thing. Any of them that fell for the Howard Dean and DNC ploy violated their duty, responsibility and our trust, regardless of which candidate got their public endorsement. They exist to correct situations just like we have now. They are there to rescue the party when it becomes obvious that caucasas and primaries were skewed, and not a true reflection of the will of the populace. They are there because they, as party leaders, are supposedly more knowledgable about who is our most qualified and electable candidate. How do we do this?

1) The PUMA movement needs to find a way to get all the democrats supporting the movement under one umbrella. The ole strength in numbers thing. Right now I see lots of web sites, blogs and comments that reflects this support. To a certain extent we are communicating within ourselves, telling each other daily how made we are.

Hopefully the PUMA Conference early next month will address this, but time is of the essence.

2) All the bloggers should point to the cental body that needs identified.

3) Blogs and commenters should give clear paths readers to communicate our complaints and solidarity to the DNC and Super D's.

4) All PUMAS must e-mail, write letters, send faxes and peacefully demonstrate to show our numbers and committment.

and my favorite:

DEEGEE: If we all became organized it would scare the heck out of them. In fact, it could be their worst nightmare. They don't want all the different groups actually communicating with each other and making plans. It would be harder to control and manipulate us.

Opinions such as these are not uncommon but this brings me to something else I would like to touch on because I know Im not the only one who realizes this...

Why is it so hard to grasp that although McCain is certainly better than Obama. In a McCain vs. Obama election, either way WE LOSE!

We the people, a record setting 18 million majority said we wanted Hillary... If we play the passives and settle for anything less then democracy is lost and we have just allowed ourselves to be slapped in the face.

When are we gonna truly come together and take a solid up front stand for truth, justice, and democracy???

While Im all for the efforts and commend the work everybody has done so far with No Deal and PUMA, whether or not they fully realize it, No Deal and PUMA have been charged with the position of acting as our leaders in this fight and they need to step up as leaders and take a stand to reflect what we stand for as a majority and why. Its ok to say that we dont want to force anybody to do anything, that we all have different goals and to repeat the claim that so long as were anti Obama were all good... but.... This just unwittingly dodges the responsibility as our leaders to at least make the wishes of the majority known to all in a clear and solid manor and educate the people as to why this is the viewpoint of the majority. In doing so, the people and members can make a more informed decision to either join the masses in united mass action or go in a different direction should they disagree and feel the need to.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Hillary MoneyBomb 2.0!

Hillary Money Bomb!

Today there is a grassroots movement for a Hillary Clinton money bomb to help show Hillary that no matter what, we're there for her. We need to show the same resolve and resiliency that Hillary has shown all of us. Here are many of the reasons you should donate to Hillary:

- If you want health care coverage for every woman, man and child, then:

- If you want to end the war in Iraq in a responsible manner, then:

- If you want to strengthen the Middle Class through progressive economic policies, then:

- If you want to make college affordable and accessible to everyone, then:

- If you want to help avert Global Warming through policies that will find good, clean alternative energy sources, then:

- If you want to help promote a livable working wage and job security for our working men and women, then:

- If you want to avert disaster in the housing market through reasoned economic policies, then:

- If you want to restore America's standing in the world by electing a respected leader recognized as an agent of change across the world, then:

- If you want comprehensive government reform by strengthening whistle blower protections and having greater transparency, then:

- If you want to improve our school system by an infusion of funding with better policies to assists our at-risk youth and prevent drop-out rates along with universal pre-K, then:

- If you want comprehensive immigration reform that will respect the many men and women who are here without papers, then:

- If you long for equal rights for every man, woman and child, regardless of his or her race, ethnicity, national origin, religion or sexual orientation, then:

- If you want a person who has made it her life's work to help bring positive change to our society in ways we couldn't imagine, then:

- If you want to help break the toughest, hardest glass ceiling, then:

- If you want all of these things, then you should want HILLARY! so..

-If you want Hillary as your Next president, then:

Please DONATE TO HILLARY! and make sure to spread the word and get out and vote. Her voice is our voice - now let the voice of the people be heard!

Please pass this along to others in the community. Still Hillary '08!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

UPDATE: meetup.com: Gather for Hillary!

After further exploring meetup.com I found this.


If you havent looked yet, as of this update there are currently 447 meetups from Hillary supporters consisting of 1,999 members with 1,717 additional people interested in 64 groups in 50 cities spanning 3 countries!

If you dont see a meetup in your area (its done by zip code for the US) and you are interested in meeting in person with other Hillarty supporters in rally of support. you can easily create a meetup of your own, spread the word in our community, then off ya go!


Saturday, June 21, 2008

Want a good way to gather for Hilliary outside the web???

While combing the web today I found this helpful site. Take a look.

What a great way for Hillary supporters organize and to come together with one another and rally in the communities. :)


Friday, June 20, 2008


It seems to me that after Hillarys suspension speech we the people who mass supported her candidacy were divided and split into 7 categories. The categories are as follows in no particular order.

Category 1: Those who jumped ship to Obama because either Hillary said to (she HAS to say that) or because they feel that dem. is better than rep. Even IF the candidate is inexperienced at BEST. (For proof of what Hillary must really think of Obama, see the video in the post below this one)

Category 2: Those who jumped ship to McCain , afterall between him and Obama he IS the more qualified of the two. Besides, we can always get Hillary back in 2012 right?

Category 3: Those who will be voting Nader or some other independant for whatever their reasons. (Historicaly shown to be a "throw away" vote according to most)

Category 4: Those who will not vote. (Clearly folly)

Category 5: Those who wish to "write" Hillary in. Even though in all likelihood these votes might very well to go toward Obama in some cases despite the will of the one casting the vote.

Category 6: Those who are undecided on what to do or who are confused as to what to do next. (keep reading)

Category 7: Those who STILL stand behind their choice of Hillary Clinton for President in '08 and refuse to settle or have their voice and vote silenced.

This is so sad to see a historical 18 million (and thats just in the primaries) voters disbanded and scattered when the candidate they voted for is still in this thing till August. NEVER in the history of the presidential election has there been this many voters for a single candidate. Imagine the power we would have (despite what the media would have you believe) if we had remained strong and steadfast in unity for out candidate... the peoples candidate... Hillary Clinton.

We (the 18million) need to wake up and start taking action NOW!

The elite members of the democratic party trampled 18million (probably 18million+ especially if Florida and Michigan werent screwed) people in a rigged election to push their own agenda against the will of the people.

How can we as American people sit idly by and let this happen settling for second choice???

Can you not see that even if they dont get Obama, they will just screw us again in 2012???


I would like for you to just take a moment to look at something.....

Take a look at this example of organization...

-There, you have been notified.

WOW! over 25k as of this posting and its still not over and is almost within reach of its goal.

Now I ask you... With all the talking about paying off Hillarys campaign debt, marching on Denver (which I believe we should march on our state offices before August, DC, THEN Denver) Why isnt there one of these widgets being shared on ALL the Hillary sites in efforts of carrying any of the actions mentioned above through?

and then there is this....

WOW! talk about powerful! Clear and to the point and aimed towards any American- regardless of age, sex, color, or religion. Where is OUR video? You know, the video aimed at generating awareness on THE ISSUES we stand for and against as well as clearly stating what intend to do about it, when we intend to do it, and where we intend to do it???

Now I know there are some videos out there that equally measure up to the standards of this one if not top it but then there is this... Where does all this come from????


Now incase you havent guessed it already, This is the organization being done by the Ron Paul crowd. but I ask you to forget about the names and just look at their organizational skills and how it symbolizes their unity compared to ours.

Notice the chipin.com widget I copied and used as an example above on the left their site. (Thats not the only Ron Paul site to carry it either) Notice how they clearly define the date and what action is to be taken. Notice the video you just watched clearly on display at the bottom of their site. (Id about bet that like the widget, that site isnt the only Ron Paul site to display that video)

Whats more, all of this on a site with a URL that clearly reflects their cause. A cause that is universal in that it calls out to no specific gender, age, race, or religion for support. Where is ours cause and where do we (ALL of us) stand with it???

Ill say it again, we need to wake up people. we need to unite. If a few hundred thousand (if that) Ron Paul supporters can come together and do what they are doing. Once again, just imagine what 18 million of us can do.


Please, share this blog with anyone who might have interest.

Still for Hillary in '08

Is it just me? or has anyone else noticed a "silencing" of anyone who actively speaks out for "action" within the "pro Hillary" community?

I, like many others Im sure, have been sitting back watching things unfold over the past several months and like many others decided to speak up and join the community at large.

Unfortunately, after about 10mins my membership was silenced within a single posting at a popular "pro Hillary" forum because of the following post.

"I found this improperly titled on youtube and just had to share it. Whats the deal with oscuma wanting her tax returns??? I ABSOLUTELY LOVE the last comment by her before Bills voice chimes in.... PRICELESS!!!


And to think that anyone would believe that Hillary would actually want anyone voting for him (Obama)

Heres hoping this comes out right... Maybe someone out there with some video editing skill can correct the mistaken title and get it out there for the "Hillary said support Obama so thats what Im gonna do" folks.

(I tried to get the video to show up here like Ive seen in others posts... but couldnt figure it out...so the link will have to do I guess.)


The Video:

PLAN A: Hillary '08

PLAN B: Hillary '08

Why should ANY of us settle for anything less than the will of the people???

Of the people! By the people! For the PEOPLE!

This year, an 18million majority of people from all ages, sexes, and races chose Hillary Clinton as their presidential candidate, a select few decided otherwise thus turning their backs on the very people who give them their power... They should know better than to bite the hands that feed them.

FIGHT FOR THE WILL OF THE PEOPLE! Hillary Clinton, the PEOPLEs candidate in '08!

They want unity??? SHOW THEM UNITY!!! The unity of 18million+ voters UNITED who will NOT stand for a biased and sexist media or corrupt and fascist political party dictators.

Forgive me but what I have been sitting back observing take place here and all over the web since BEFORE the democratic party leaders treason of democracy the end of last month goes well beyond a "march". I see a MOVEMENT a movement headed for REVOLUTION if the will of the people is not done.

I humbly submit to you a new plan to occur between now and August. Do with it what you will.

Step 1: Rally as if the campaign is still on. Spread the word for all to hear. Put up signs ect. Hillary has suspended "her" (Hillarys) campaigning out of the BS of the democratic party. That dont mean we have to.

Do all we can to create awareness of the corruption in the democratic party, media, Obama, ect. Bottom line??? WHY??? Why Hillary??? We know why... others deserve the same awareness. Other people deserve to know that Barack Ocrapo is NOT the nominee YET and why they might consider joining the cause to fight this injustice against the American people by the democratic party leaders.

Step 2: Come together in mass groups to further organize... even if its down the street at your local library or in your back yard.

Step 3: (Actually almost like step one) Utilize a place like this one http://www.chipin.com/overview to
a. raise a "pay off Hillarays campaign debt" fund
b. raise funds for the movement

A single "pay off Hillarys campaign debt" widget from a place like mentioned above shared by the MANY Hillary sites would have greater odds of gaining funds and SHOW people the results of their contribution(s) It would also go to show any onlookers (media ect) just how UNITED we are! And lets not forget that people can actually SEE just how much of Hillarys campaign debt is going to go away once the pot is donated at the designated time.

Step 4: Reach out to other demographics of voters such as the now disbarred Ron Paul camp. It would surprise you that a lot of what he had to say in a video to his supporters practically mirrored whats been said here in regard to a corrupt party ect. (found while researching alternative candidates to olame-o)

Step 5: (option) establish "insiders" in the Obuttmunch camp for intel. (keep your friends close, your enemies closer)

Step 6: Tear apart the MSMs false claims used to sway the public. Especially the big lie... "A bunch of bitter middle aged white women upset cause Hillary didnt win"

I am NOT bitter, middle aged, or a woman and Im appalled that the MSM was allowed to do as they did... (much less that they did it at all) and that the democratic party and those select few hoodwinked the American people and pretty much crapped on Hillary with their rigged so called primary election.

Step 7: start a "fill in the blank with your mothers/sisters/daughters/wives name" campaign consisting of quotes from the media and Oblankityblank camp that were used against Hillary to create awareness to the sexism and such that plagued this campaign. Basically suggesting the substituting of Hillary in them for other women like peoples mothers, daughters, wives ect to raise awareness.

made up and quite literal example: "(insert your mothers name here) is a b!@#h and should drop out." followed by something like "Its not ok for someone to speak of your mother this way, why is ok for MSM to to say it about Hillary?" something like that anyways.

Step 8: Where are all of Hillarys celebrity supporters???? We could really use their support now. Locate as many as possibe, and do whatever to get them to show their support. They not only have the faces and voices, but also the connections AND they draw press.

Step 9: Rally your local state offices through the month of July to get the message through to the politicians on the state level.

Step 10: Come together as one in a show of UNITY at not just the convention... but starting in DC shortly BEFORE the convention, then march (symbolically that is. we would obviously drive, fly, bus train ect) on to Denver, Chicago, or wherever they have it take place.

All of the above is just my thoughts... You may disagree and thats fine. None of it is meant to tell anyone what to do... just thoughts and ideas of what could be done that I humbly submit to you in the community for consideration.

I have bit my tongue, sat back in silent observance and can no longer keep my silence. I am invisible no more.


Now maybe its because of the video title, which is out of my hands since it was simply found on youtube and is not my video to which I clearly stated that it was titled incorrectly at the start of the post.

Maybe it was because I called Obama names??? So, Im not the only one.

Maybe it was because I stand by my conviction for Hillary in '08 as opposed to hopping on the Obama or McCain bandwagon unless all else has failed after August.

Maybe its something else that is completely over my head, something misinterpreted perhaps???

Either way, I was never informed or questioned, just simply banned without explanation.

I quickly re-registered under a different name and sent private messages to the mods to ask why... Explaining to them that If I had been made aware of any wrong doing, had I been given the chance, I would have gladly done my best to correct the problem- To which I received reply asking for my user name ect... which I supplied only to be silenced once more.

Guess they thought that being able to send private messages before being approved to post was a security issue. I can get that, but they could have at least replied to me as to what I did that warranted such harsh action against me.

Another post took place shortly after mine from someone expressing dismay with the community and its lack of "unity" (No, NOT democratic unity) and action within the "pro Hillary" community.

Only to get belittled as to why they didnt take the time to list out specific issues as to why they felt that way and get directed to justsaynodeal.com and puma.

Their post too, like mine, was squashed by the mods shortly after.

Now while I fully support justsaynodeal.com and puma in their efforts, lets face it... from a "community" standpoint justsaynodeal is simply a bunch of links to other "pro Hillary" sites. Which simply brings the scattered community to a central hub but only as far as sites go.

Im sure what the person above was talking about is a central forum where ALL the supporters from ALL those sites can come together in mass unity much like the thousands of folks once did at hillaryclinton.com blog instead of being a few hundred at this place, a dozen or so there at this other place, ect.

As for puma... well ive seen like 3 different places carrying the "puma" label. very confusing.
gopumaparty.com, pumaparty.com, pumapac.org

And lets not forget these two:
pumapac.blogspot.com, powerofpuma.blogspot.com

On the surface, and I dont think Im alone here, when someone simply says "go to puma" well it kind of gets confusing.

Sad when we turn against our own.

My biggest trouble is that the media constantly labels Clinton Loyalists as "a bunch of middle aged white women". which is carried on by the community by "women specific" titles and wording that completely isolates the male gender from the community.

million women march.

how arrogant and sexist... this only supports the media and obscures the claims of sexism against Hillary because we are doing one of the very things that we are supposed to be standing up against.

First of all, the 18million was 18million PEOPLE both women AND men.

Continuing with the illusion that its only women against the world is folly and only serves the medias agenda.

Why not the democracy march? the freedom march? the liberty march? or simply the Hillary march?

Why a march at all? which suggests a one time action.. Why not a movement? A continuing action or set of actions propelled forward till completion of a common goal???

I, like so many others out there just dont understand.